Chapterhouse Farm

Our farm, Our home, Your venue.

A seed planted, grown into a dream, blossomed into reality. It seems like so many years from when the idea was planted in our minds. To now have manifested this beautiful property, and to have the opportunity to share it with you, sometimes seems so surreal. Yet here we are and we are very excited to be here. So if you are looking for a wedding venue or a place for a yoga retreat, we hope you will consider us. The grounds here at Chapterhouse Farm currently consist of 35 acres bordering an 18 acre pond, forests and fields, currently about 12 minutes from downtown Saratoga Springs, NY. Interested in learning more about the property for your wedding or Yoga Retreat? Well then keep reading.

Staying on the Property

A Place to Unwind

On the property we have a a beautiful home to share or we also have a great relationship with the folks at Glamp ADK in case you are planning an event that may require you to stay on the property. In the case that you are planning a retreat we think the Glamp Tent set ups are perfect! 

  • 2 - 6 People per Tent

  • Bathroom & Kitchen in the main house

  • Quiet Location
  • Full Comfort
  • Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces & Wood

Flora and Fauna

On the Farm

You can find so many different kinds of life here on the farm. We have Raspberry and blackberry bushes everywhere, apple trees, pear trees, beautiful ferns, cherry trees, sugar maples, and more. 

The wildlife here consists of deer (lots of deer), foxes, our lovely chickens (24 is the current count), our Airedale - Frankie, and we also have a family of Canadian Geese that are living on the pond. 6 adults and 6 babies this season (2020).

We have trails, and fields, and forest, and of course the 15 acre pond that is fed by Mud Creek. 

Chapterhouse Pond

Trails to wander on

Lots of Chickens

Horse Paddocks

  • Weddings

    Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, or private parties. Chapterhouse could be the perfect venue for you to celebrate with family and friends. 

  • Rehearsal Dinners

    Looking for an outdoor venue for your rehearsal dinner? Chapterhouse Farm has everything you need.

  • Private Party?

    Thinking about a private party? Thinking you need a bonfire? Well let that tired brain rest and think no further.

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